How We Work




At the heart of ROI fruit commitment to our clients, are the family values we hold precious: an individual service that is wholly personal, whether you are a small supermarket or a chain of luxury hotels.What this means in practice is that we pay special attention to each of our clients and their needs.Every client gets his personal service from one of our dedicated staff, committed to accomplish client’s particular needs.

In every stage of our business, from producing, supporting our farmers with the latest and safest methods, to selecting and packing, we listen to what you need and carry it out, to the letter.

ROI fruit Five Steps To Excellence

1. Enquiries

Contact us, and one of our highly trained and dedicated customer service representatives will speak with you and discuss your particular needs, committed to fulfill every single need you might have.

2. Sales Managers

Our customer service representatives work hand-in-hand with an sales manager who oversees your order. They ensure every specification you require is met, whether you require particular products from a particular location or whether you need a small order or multiple containers.We look forward to receive your feedback, because we are happy to hear how we can make our service better for you in the future.

3. The Logistic Team

Once you have placed your order, it is immediately tracked by one of our logistic team .In practice our team  instantly prepares for the delivery of your order.

4. Product Quality

Our strict attention is to quality.Because of our quality control staff and our quality certification our products arrive fresh and in perfect quality to our facilities.After a carefully selection by our dedicated staff, we dispatch it to you afterwards.

5. Post Delivery

Once you have received your order, the sales manager that has followed your order will keep track of any issues or queries you might have and deal promptly with them so you do not have to face any inconvenience the next time.For every advice or help feel free to ask because our specialists are happy to serve you.