Our Company


ROI fruit is a company comprised by young and motivated staff that has as a main assignment to bring excellence in the fruit and vegetables industry in Albania. One of the main reasons for the success and prosperity of this company is the fact that Albania is blessed with fertile soil.The weather all year round is exemplary for the production of a variety of fruits and vegetables.

ROI fruit origins lie in farming.This is why we understand our business so well.We believe in personal attention.It is this background that leads us to supply our customers and their families only the highest quality product,all from carefully selected growers from almost every city in the country.

The company represents the bond between farmers and foreign clients and it’s activity stands in producing, supporting,collecting, selecting, packaging and exporting the goods. Furthermore our qualified crop protection staff assists farmers during the whole crop cycle from seeds to fruits to assure the best quality of the products. In addition,we have strong partnership with well known albanian companies specialized in the crop protection field for further assurance of our products.

We recognize that our obligations go beyond our professional responsabilities.We value and respect each of our customers and are obligated to provide them with the best services.

The company is a a pioneer in the implementing a new culture and methodology of work, bringing the best standards and approach towards an modern market.